Breakfast and Lunch Program

                           North Canaan Elementary School

                                                 Dr. Alicia M. Roy, Principal                                


                 90 Pease Street,  North Canaan, CT 06018       860-824-5149                          

August 23, 2021

Dear North Canaan Families,

I am pleased to announce that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is once again offering a program to school districts that provides FREE meals to all children in our community ages 18 and under. This program will be in place in our town throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

We welcome families who reside in the Town of North Canaan with children 18 years of age and younger (who are not attending school) to complete the survey to begin receiving free breakfasts and lunches on days that school is in session. The survey must be completed each week.  Click here to take the survey if you would like meals and your child is not enrolled at North Canaan Elementary School.   (en espanol)

  • Please note that you will have to come to the school to pick up lunch each school day between the hours of 11:30 AM -1:05 PM.  

  • With the lunch you will receive breakfast for the following day.  

  • When you arrive at the school please drive to the front semicircle and call the school office at 860-824-5149.  Let them know that you are there to pick up your child’s/children’s meals. 

All students are eligible to receive breakfast and lunch at no charge while this program is in place. Our families who sign up for breakfast in school each week should continue to complete the weekly surveys that are emailed to them or click the appropriate link below.  

If a child would just like milk (which comes free with the breakfast and lunch), it must be purchased at the cost of 35 cents per day.

Feel free to contact Tammy McGuire at 860-824-5149, ext. 107, or with any questions.


Dr. Alicia M. Roy