Lunch Program

North Canaan Elementary School Lunch Program

Daily Menu Choices

Menu Subject to Change

Assorted Snacks    $.50
 Asst. IceCream             $.50 
 Ala Carte Milk,       $.35


Adult Lunches


Student Lunches   


Pre-K Snack


Number of Days

Cost of Lunch











Please make checks payable to N.C.E.S.

 Students may sign up daily for lunch.

Reminder to Parents:

 If you would like to join your child for lunch at school, you’re welcome to come at any time.

 Lunch Schedule

 Gr. EK/K          10:55—11:25
 Gr. 1                11:00-- 11:30
 Gr. 2/3            11:35—12:00
 Gr. 4/5/6        12:00—12:25
Gr. 7/8            12:40— 1:05


Out to Lunch

Lunch Payments:  Lunches may be pre-paid on Monday for the whole week.  You may send in cash, check, or pay through our online system, ("Schoolpaymentportal") under quicklinks.  Please label envelopes clearly with name, amount, and number of lunches.  **If you have more than one child but are sending in one check, please break down the amount for each student. 

Overdue Payments:  If money is owed a notice will be sent via emailIf no payment is made another notice will mailed home.  If money is owed at the time of report card distribution we will hold report cards for the amount due.

Confidential forms for reduced and free lunches are available on request or on our website under "For Parents" to help you with the lunch expense.  Please take advantage of it if you need it.  Free and reduced forms are available in Spanish as well.

Questions and Concerns:  Please call the main office for assistance.  You may get a printout of your child’s account at any time.