North Canaan Board of Education
GOALS 2016-2017

1.      Putting children first.
To continue the process of reviewing and revising Board of Education policies by:

a.       including policy review as a monthly agenda item, except during the budget process(October, November, January & April).

·         Continue the review of the 6000 series.
·         Streamline-Alternate with presentations.  

3.       Building and Grounds needs:

a.       annual review of building projects. (May)

4.       WELLNESS POLICY updates.

5.  To Gain an understanding of instructional programs by:

a.       inviting teachers to present at Board meetings (Invite with time of 20 minutes & encourage examples of student work) (September, December, May & June).

b.      become familiar with common core and the new online assessment.

c.   support PBIS (Positive Behavior Initative Support).

6.       Institute a process of on-going professional development for the Board of Education by:

a.       conduct orientation materials for new Board members.  Include a “training” component as a monthly agenda item, i.e., Nutmeg Board scenarios.

b.      attending FOI, CABE and other Board of education type conferences.

c.       conducting annual self-review of Board effectiveness.

7.       Public Awareness:

a.       budget forums (February, March)

b.      posting/advertising meetings in multiple places (sign, website, newspaper).

c.   encourage public participation.