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Breakfast and Lunch Program

The goal of the North Canaan Elementary School Lunch Program is to provide nutritious, enjoyable meals to students. All children, therefore, are treated with dignity in the serving line and will not be denied a meal, should they forget to bring funds. To achieve this goal, we need your cooperation to protect the financial integrity and sustainability of our program.



There are various ways for you to pay for lunch for your children.  You may prepay for lunch for more than one day, or you may pay daily. You may send in cash or check, or you may pay through our online payment system, SchoolPaymentPortal.com, which is located under the Parent tab on our website. www.nceschool.org.  A fee of $1 is charged for an ACH debit, and there is a varying charge for a debit/credit card payment. The fee varies based on the amount you deposit into you child’s account. There is no fee for cash or check payments. A single check sent for multiple children will be equally divided, unless indicated otherwise. Your child may also charge breakfast and snacks (with your written permission) to his or her account when funds are available.

Overdue Payments: If money is owed on your child’s account, email notification will be sent home the day it becomes overdrawn, and each day it remains overdrawn. Payment should be submitted the following day. A paper notice will be sent home at the end of the school week, indicating the total amount due, and our principal, Dr. Roy, will be notified. Payment will be expected the following Monday (or 1st day of the school week), and should include the past due amount AND funds to cover the current week’s meals. Other notifications, such as phone calls or emails from the Lunch Program staff and/or Principal may be used to collect the past due balance. If payment is not received at the beginning of the following week, students may be served an alternate meal of a cheese sandwich, a piece of fruit and milk at a cost of $1.85 (students qualifying for reduced lunch will be charged $0.40 cents.) They will not be eligible for the main meal option, any side dishes, or the salad bar. Account balances will be carried over to the next school year. If the account is negative at the beginning of the new school year, the same policy will be enforced.  It is important to note that failure to address payment owed, despite our attempts to resolve the outstanding balance with you, may result in meals not being served.

Free and Reduced Meal Applications: Free and reduced meal applications are available upon request, and on our website under the Parents tab. The applications may be submitted at anytime during the year, and are kept confidential. They are available in English and Spanish. Please feel free to call or stop in the main office of the school with any questions.

Change in Eligibility: If your child has been approved to receive free or reduced meals, any negative account balance incurred prior to the change in eligibility will still need to be paid. Students qualifying for free lunch will receive the main lunch meal.

Your timely payments are greatly appreciated! Our kitchen staff works hard to prepare healthy, appetizing meals for our students. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school at 860-824-5149 ext. 107, or email to lunchprogram@nceschool.org. Thank you so much for participating in our program!