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  • New Year

    Posted: 01/06/2019
  • Weather Advisory Information

    Posted: 11/15/2018

    A WEATHER ADVISORY FOR REGION ONE I want to share with parents, students, and staff the issues with which we must consider, as we are now approaching the winter season. We know what we experienced in August with the heat and that necessary adjustments were made in our school day, due to the fact that most of the schools in our region do not have access to air conditioned rooms. We understand that a change in our school day can cause parents to adjust their schedules and we realize that this can pre...

  • Outstanding Questions from Dr. Guskey’s meeting with Region One Parents and Community

    Posted: 10/11/2018

    Outstanding Questions from Dr. Guskey’s meeting with Region One Parents and Community Thursday, August 30, 2018   Note: These are the questions that Dr. Guskey was able to address since our meeting with him. He felt he was not able to answer any questions specific to Region One policies and curriculum.   Q: We don’t have exams final or mid-term. Using your son’s example of scoring a perfect grade-if grading an exam isn’t the way to adequately assess a student-why was the AP exam the basis of yo...

  • Newsletter of the HVRHS Career Experience Program

    Posted: 10/01/2018
  • A Crisis We Cannot Ignore

    Posted: 07/23/2018

    We are aware of the nation-wide drug crisis in our area, particularly now with opioids. We are fortunate to have a number of supportive agencies in the northwest corner of our state which provide much needed help, both for prevention and treatment. Connecticut Attorney General’s Office On February 14, 2018, the Northwest Corner Prevention Network (NCPN) held their monthly meeting at HVRHS. Ines Cenatiempo, from the CT Attorney General’s office, spoke about opioid use in the state and she shared the film,...

  • College Admissions and Mastery Based (Proficiency Based) Transcripts

    Posted: 05/04/2018

    Great Schools Partnership Empowering the next generation of citizens, workers, and leaders College Admissions 74 New England Institutions of Higher Education State that Proficiency-Based Diplomas Do Not Disadvantage Applicants Over the past decade, the movement to adopt  proficiency-based approaches  to teaching, learning, and graduating has gained momentum throughout New England and the country, as more educators, parents, employers, and elected officials recognize that high ed...

  • Mastery Based Learning and Colleges: What are colleges and universities looking for today?

    Posted: 05/04/2018

    From Nancy Davis Griffin, VP of Enrollment Management & Student Affairs for the University of Southern Maine Q and A: August 15, 2017 Nancy has worked in higher education for over 35 years. She’s worked directly in admissions as a Dean and a Director, and now she oversees admissions, financial aid, and a variety of other student services. She connects with admissions and prospective students on a daily basis. How are applicants with non-traditional transcripts viewed by your institution and college ...

  • Our Job is to Educate

    Posted: 05/04/2018

    Our Job is to Educate Over the past several months, many questions have arisen regarding some of the changes that are taking place in the schools. Most of the questions referenced either the high school schedule or the grading practices. It may seem like the schedule discussion was light years ago, but it was in February and March of 2017 that we held three large public meetings about both the schedule and grading practices. These two areas are closely tied together, so we addressed these topics at the ...