Make It Happen

Just imagine a place where all ages, abilities and friends can gather for a day of Fun! North Canaan Elementary School along with the Town of North Canaan is trying to do just that for our community and the State of Connecticut. We are in the process of fund-raising for an all abilities play area for all to use.

This project will be a magnificent gemstone once completed. Here are a few features that this space will exhibit; custom playscapes for all abilities and people with disabilities, electronic play station with 8 different games, outdoor natural exploring, sitting and picnic areas, a Pirate Ship with cannons and slides, rock climbing walls, multiple swings, calypso music station with real instruments to play, community gardens and even a life sized fossilized looking Tyrannosaurus Rex to climb on plus much more.

We have cleared the land and are on our way to making this happen for you! Here’s how you can help. So far we have worked hard to stream line our project and eliminate $164,000.00 in costs. We have a goal remaining of $470,000.00 to “Make It Happen”. You may ask why do such an elaborate project in a tough economy? We believe that the “World Needs Play” and this will be a place for everyone to use and the cost of admission for you and your family is nothing. We are further trying to fund this through donations so it won’t cost the state of Connecticut tax payer’s one red cent. To get involved with our fund-raising opportunities please contact the head of the “Make It Happen” project.

Mailing Address:

Make It Happen / NCES PTO
PO Box 758
North Canaan, CT 06018

“Make it Happen” Contacts:

Miss Rosemary Keilty, Principal
Phone: 860-824-5149, ext. 103
Email: rkeilty@nceschool.org

Ms. Denise Sorrell
Phone: 860 480-1331
Email: bclj60@yahoo.com