Tumblin' Time at AHA!

Tumblin’ Time at AHA!

AHA! is happy to announce that beginning September 19, we will be offering classes in tumbling (acro), dance and cheerleading for all interested children!

Mondays from 3:30 to 4:00 will be a boys only class of acro. We already have a good group of boys who are very interested, and we'd love to get a few more fellows to join them.

Mondays from 4:00 to 4:45 will be acro for girls. It will be a mixture of different levels of abilities and ages.

Wednesdays from 3:30 to closing will be a combination dance and/or cheerleading, depending on the interest of the group. We may keep it to one long class, or we could break it into 2 or even 3 distinct age, ability or interest classes.  Once we see what the enrollment looks like, we'll set a more defined schedule.

Tumblin’ Time at AHA! will be taught by Erin Mahoney who is known already by many of our students as a frequent substitute teacher at NCES for the last 3 years. And she was one of our regular Camp AHA! staff members this past summer, teaching cheerleading and acro - all culminating in a wonderful end of the summer recital!

Erin’s gymnastic background and credentials come from her many years of being a cheerleader, internships, coaching cheerleading (with Massachusetts certification), and continued training in gymnastics and dance. We feel quite confident that she and the kids in Tumblin’ Time will have a super time learning to roll and tumble, do cartwheels, perfect their handsprings and walkovers, and to improve overall coordination and confidence!

There is no extra fee to attend Tumblin’ Time at AHA! - just the usual afternoon fee of $6.00 that includes everything else that AHA! has to offer! If you do want to send your child to Tumblin’ Time at AHA!, send a note to your child’s teacher to dismiss her/him to AHA! that day. Once at AHA!, we’ll have time for a snack before Tumblin’ Time (send one in or money to purchase one). Once your Tumblin' Time class is over, you may join the ongoing AHA! organized activities or work on your homework. Your child is welcome to stay until AHA! closes at 5:30!

If you want to attend a Tumblin' Time class only, the fee is $3.00. But with that, we expect a timely drop-off and pick-up.


Please indicate below if you are interested in attending Tumblin’ Time at AHA! and return to AHA! via the NCES office.

Student(s):  __________________ , ______________________, ________________

Age(s): ________, _________ , _________           Phone: ______________________

Parent name and email: _______________________________________________

Preferred day(s) that we’d like to attend:

Questions? Call Lynn Nania at 860-824-0393 or 860-387-5757  or email to lcnania@yahoo.com