Class Descriptions

AHA! is open for business every day that the school (and Region One) is open. Our hours are upon dismissal from school until 5:30. If school is cancelled because of snow or other Region One wide closing, call the school or Lynn to find out if we are open. We try to whenever possible, but sometimes it isn't an option for us.

When at all possible, we do try to stay open for early dismissal days, being here until 5:30. As we get closer to those dates, check back to see if that's an open day for us or a closed one.

We love having children of all ages and the blend of ages has worked very well for us (and the kids!). We do suggest that kids who are attending school for the first time may want to wait a bit until they are acclimated to a school routine. But we'll do whatever we can to help our families out.


General AHA! activities ($6.00 per day) - Sometimes we have special classes at AHA! and some days we just do whatever the mood of the day seems to be or what the weather looks like outside. On the general activity days, you might find us playing soccer outside, playing on one of the school's playground, or ridding ourselves of excess energy in the gym. Or you might find us in the AHA! room working on something crafty or creating a holiday themed project, building a Lego masterpiece, playing a challenging game of chess/Monopoly/Apples to Apples/or other board game, making some beaded jewelry, coloring and painting, or some combination of all of these.

But you can be sure that your child will be having a blast doing whatever we decide to do that day!


Snacks:  We do have snack time everyday at the beginning of AHA!. We encourage you to pack a snack for your child, but we do have snacks for sale if you'd rather purchase one. Our prices range from 10c to 50c, and include a variety of chips/popcorn/pretzels, some cookies, Go-Gurts, gummy snacks, ice pops, etc.

We are trying to encourage our AHA! kids to share, but not when it comes to snack money. We stress that kids should not be using their parent's money to buy snacks for others around them, so please help us by telling them the same thing. Too often, the kids who are begging (bullying?) for money also are the ones who have plenty of snacks in their backpacks.

5:30 pick-up:  Even if we are able to be in the gym on wet or cold days, most often there will be a group still in the AHA! room, or we will be back there by about 4:45 (we will leave a note on the outside door as to our whereabouts. You can come through the school to find us (past the computer, turn left at the library, and we're the last door on the left) or you can come to our outside door. This door is at the top of the first set of stairs on the left heading into the small courtyard behind the cafeteria - up the small driveway on the left side of the building.

There is a security camera/doorbell for you to ring and we'll let you in (once we determine that we know you to be a reputable and responsible person!!). If we are somewhere else (gym, playground, walk), we'll post a sign letting you know where to find us.

Payments:  We do what we can to work with our parents to make life a bit easier on them, but please understand that we have our own weekly financial obligations, and that timely or regular payments are expected and quite necessary. Many of our parents pay at the time their child comes, or at the end of the week, and we love this! I will send bills out (usually every 2 weeks) for those who prefer a billing system. But I do expect that these bills will be paid before the next billing goes out. If you should need extra time to pay, please let me know so that we can work out a payment schedule and so I know that I'm not going to be left hanging in the breeze! We accept cash and checks.