2015 - Summer Boost application

                                  Camp AHA! - Summer Boost
                          “No Grades, No Pressure - Just Fun!”

Get a jump start on next year’s studies, or get caught up from this year’s classes with Camp AHA!’s Summer Boost. Or just come because you can’t get enough learning! Whatever your reason, we are here for you.

Our scheduled classes will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings, between 9:00 and 12:00, beginning June 30. With this schedule, kids should be able to have their “boost” time, go to their swim lessons, participate in other Camp AHA! mini-camps or specials, and still have plenty of time for afternoon swimming and camp activities.

So, come as part of Camp AHA! or come for just the boost! We are able to schedule “boost” sessions on Mondays and Fridays if needed, but because Monday is Summer Science and Friday is our field trip and guest program day, we’re going to try to avoid those unless specifically requested.

                                       Summer Boost Rates:
(circle your choice of ½ hr or 1 hr class, camper or non-camper, and individual or group class)

                             ½ hr (camper)      ½ hr (non-camper)   1 hr (camper)     1 hr (non-camper)

Private class:            $5.00                         $ 8.00                     $10.00                $16.00

Group of 2:                $2.00                         $ 4.00                     $ 5.00                 $ 8.00

Group of 3:             no charge                     $ 3.00                     $ 3.00                 $ 6.00

Group of 4 +:          no charge                     $ 2.00                  no charge              $ 4.00

Note: group size will be determined by number of applicants; camper fees above are in addition to Camp AHA! fees

Subject: ____________________________________ Grade level: ____________________

Best week(s) and day(s) for us: ________________________________________________

How many classes would you like to attend: _____________________________________

Comments from child’s current teacher regarding recommendation of materials to best meet this child’s need:




Child’s name: ________________________________ Age: _____ Phone: ______________

Parent or guardian signature: __________________________________________________