Class Descriptions

General AHA! activities ($6.00 per day) - Sometimes we have special classes at AHA! and some days we just do whatever the mood of the day seems to be or what the weather looks like outside. On the general activity days, you might find us playing soccer outside, playing on one of the school's playground, or ridding ourselves of excess energy in the gym. Or you might find us in the AHA! room working on something crafty or creating a holiday themed project, building a Lego masterpiece, playing a challenging game of chess/Monopoly/Apples to Apples/or other board game, making some beaded jewelry, coloring and painting, or some combination of all of these. But you can be sure that your child will be having a blast doing whatever we decide to do that day.

Birthday Party ($6.00 per day) - Every once in a while, we like to have an afternoon where we can celebrate birthdays of any of the kids who have a birthday that month. We have cake, and play party games, and have a lots of fun. The best part is that everyone gets to celebrate, whether it's their birthday or not. And, we don't have to worry about giving (or getting) presents!
(Thursday, Feb. 28,  Monday, Mar. 18, Wednesday, Apr. 24, Friday, May 17)

Camp AHA - See the separate section for descriptions for the summer, fees, forms and waivers, etc. Hope to see you at Camp this summer! We have a lot of new and wonderful things happening!!!