I would like to briefly introduce AHA!, an after school program sponsored by our town since 1991.  AHA! classes are held every day in the school, from school dismissal at 3:00 until 5:30, including many early dismissal days (more info on NCES website). There is a reasonable charge for these classes which covers materials for our projects and the instructors’ fees. We do offer several discounts, have a few scholarships for those who qualify, and we are a Care 4 Kids provider.

             During the course of the school year, we offer a large variety of classes, hoping that we can eventually spark every child’s interest at some point during the year. Many of the classes are seasonal or holiday specific. We offer some sort of sports/recreation whenever possible, although juggling after-school gym time during basketball season is tough. Other AHA! classes might include nature walks, cooking, music, Legos, computer, art, crafts, etc. And some days we just do whatever the group wants to do. A few classes are aimed at a particular age group while most are appropriate for all ages. The mix of young and old together has worked out well! So kindergartners and Pre-K are most welcome to join us!!

             And just introduced for this year will be an early morning drop off program, beginning at 7:00.

             Please fill out our application and medical form and return to AHA! via the NCES office. You are under no obligation to attend by filling out this information but we’ll be ready for your child when you do come. Although I’m not great at keeping up with the site, fairly up-to-date information regarding classes and events can be found on the NCES website.

             The first day of AHA! is August 29. The fee to attend AHA! is $5.00 for early morning drop-off and $6.00 per afternoon. I do like knowing ahead of time if your child is coming (send a note to your child’s teacher, along with the fee) but last minute attendees are always welcome. Do let your child’s teacher know which days she should dismiss your child to AHA! to make sure he/she gets to us at 3:00.

           To get to our room, drive to the left of the school, and start to follow the little driveway just off the turnaround. Our door is at the top of the first set of stairs you get to. Just go up the stairs to our door and ring the bell. If we are in the gym for the afternoon, we'll leave a note on the door with a phone number for you to call to be let in.

            We do provide snack time for the kids before we begin our activities. Please send a snack with your child. We do have snacks for sale, so if you prefer, send money with your child so he/she can purchase a snack. We have ice pops for 10 cents, gummy fruit snacks and Rice Krispie Treats for 25 cents, with the rest of the snacks costing 50 cents (assorted chips, Pringles, Oreos and assorted cookies, pudding, fruit cups). And water from the water fountain is our drink of choice. Generally, $1.00 is quite sufficient for most kids, and 50 cents does just fine.

            If the weather is decent enough, we do like to be outside when possible. Make sure your child has the appropriate clothes for outside play. When the weather is not so nice, you may find us in the gym (as long as it's free - which is not a lot of the time once basketball season comes). Again, proper shoes for the gym would be great!

            We do plan to offer AHA! on the early dismissal dates (September 28, October 26, November 23 and December 22, with rest of the year dates to be announced). We will be there from the 1:00 dismissal until 5:30. The fee for the whole afternoon is $14, or $8 for pick-up before 3:00. Most of the kids will have had a lunch during their school hours, but it wouldn't hurt to pack an extra one just in case they are really hungry for more. Snacks are available for purchase but don't really take the place of a real lunch.

             Also, when school is dismissed early because of the weather, we do our very best to still be there for our families. So if you get the notice that there is an emergency early dismissal, you can call me or call the school to see if we will be there or not. The odds are pretty good that we will be!

             We will also be open for full days on October 6 and 7 when school is closed. We will not be open on October 10, November 11, or December 23. Last year, we were open for the vacation week between Christmas and New Year, and during our vacation days in April. We are willing to do that again this year, if we have advanced enrollment of 12 kids or more. The fee for a full day of AHA! is $33. The full day is 9:00 to 5:30, but we will be there at 7:00, with an additional $5.00 charge for an early morning drop off.

            Feel free to contact me via this site or by calling me at 860-824-0393 or at lcnania@yahoo.com.

Thanks, Lynn Nania

Per Connecticut General Statute 19a-77 we are required to disclose that our programs are not licensed by the State Office of Early Childhood.