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The purpose of our site is to enhance communication and provide a dynamic, primary source which makes timely information available. The site has been designed with the school family and community in mind to give you easy access to all information regarding the school.

The site is a main gateway for enhancing communication among parents, teachers, students, and community members. This home to school to community connection is vital to the success of our educational program for all students.

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Special Announcements: 

  1. New North Canaan Principal
  2. Letter from North Canaan Board of Education
  3. Student Attendance and Truancy policy 5112 click here and Tardiness to School policy 5112a click here.
  4. Lunch Program Public Release (September 2017)
  5. Parent/Teacher Conferences
  6. AHA! 2016-17 Welcome Letter and Contact & Medical Release Form
  7. Online lunch payment with SchoolPaymentPortal.com
  8. The Arts Fund for Region One- Click Here for link to scholarship site
  9. Click here for 2018 graduation slideshow.